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Gender neutral clothing. Made from eco-conscious fabrics and manufactured ethically in Europe.


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Test Shoot - Atelier 7

Test Shoot - Atelier 7

We have finally taken advantage of our wonderful workspace: Atelier 7. It was about time we organize a test shoot! A what a shoot it was, in a ...
Collaboration - Lisa Lapierre

Collaboration - Lisa Lapierre

Dancing to hard-style techno, hanging at the bus stop, night bike ride, discovering that R&B made you tingle inside, experiencing the first lo...
Collaboration - Julien Colombier

Collaboration - Julien Colombier

Last weekend, I was invited to the south of France for the 31st Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography. It is an unique chance ...


We believe information should be available easily. We explain how our prices are calculated and where, how and who made your clothes. You simply deserve to know.


We exclusively work with european suppliers and manufacturers. We try to use organic or/and recycled fabrics.


We believe in clothes designed to last a life time. By cutting the middle men (e.i. boutiques) we can achieve a high level of quality at realistic price.