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Collaboration - Lisa Lapierre

Dancing to hard-style techno, hanging at the bus stop, night bike ride, discovering that R&B made you tingle inside, experiencing the first love, verging on the obsession, everything is intense, sensual and important. Teenage is a seminal moment -pun intended.

For the past 3 months I have been collaborating with Lisa Lapierre, for her first exhibition/installation “Ich bin ewug 2007-2013” closing her three months residency at Dusangneuf Osangsett, a non-profit residency program initiated by Nicholas Lewis from The Word Magazine.

During our collaboration, we created 4 pieces that were representative of an adolescent wardrobe: a parka, a t-shirt, a pair of surf shorts and a backpack cut in teenage-angst mythical bands flags.

The exhibition is a deep autobiographical examination of Lisa Lapierre own teenage years. Her obsession with photography began at that period, through capturing her first love and her skater friends.

Diaries, uncertain graffiti, handmade artefacts, poster of a movie she has never seen and my favorite piece: a postcard of a Pop-Art version of Che Guevara smoking a blunt with “F**k the Revolution” as a tagline, sums all the contradictions and confusion of that particular age.

Lisa’s installation manage to convey that fleeting moment of doubts and self-invention without sacrificing the initiatory nature of growing up. Wanting to be like everybody else, while wrestling with your own identity, intense friendship are experienced.

As time goes, the past is shed like a slough of memories. It smells like skin warmed by the sun.


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