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Collaboration - Julien Colombier

Last weekend, I was invited to the south of France for the 31st Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography. It is an unique chance for the 10 selected fashion designers and photographs to showcase their work to industry insiders in a very casual setting.

The festival is located Villa Noailles, a modernist house on a top of a hill, overlooking a breathtaking view on the village and the sea below.

Jungle Credibility Part 2 / Via del Babuino by Julien Colombier – Scenography Audrey Guimard, in situ. Hyéres. April 2016

For the festival, I worked on a few pieces with Julien Colombier. He is a brilliant illustrator, working mainly with pastels on vegetal all over motif. We collaborated on the uniforms for the people working in the Villa Noailles during the festival.

Julien and I are currently planning and scheming something really interesting for the year to come. Watch this space.


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